Tank Level & Flow Instrumentation Products     

Sigma Instruments Company is in the business of design & development, manufacturing and supply of Tank Level & Flow Instrumentation products. Established in 1973, Sigma draws its inspiration from E the eighteenth letter in the Greek alphabets, used to denote the algebraic sum total. The purpose is to serve the industry by recognizing and providing a sum total of fluid monitoring devices and allied instrumentation products to its customers.

The products can be broadly classified into:
- Level Gauges
- Tank Level Indicator
- Level Switches
- Transmitter
- Sight Glasses
- Flow Switches  
- Allied Instrumentation Products.

Sigma's processes are managed on principles of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The company is enlisted with EIL. Recognition & approval of our products by leading domestic and international companies / consultants and repeat orders from our customers, fuel our passion to go that extra mile in delivering the reliable gaging & control, needed for Tank Level & Flow Instrumentation Products. The products can also be supplied with IBR Approval and CE Mark.

Quality Policy:

Sigma Instruments Company is Committed to:

-  Provide reliable products to the customer based on engineering principles with desired quality and service, creating confidence for repeat requirements.
-  Practice and maintain highest corporate ethics of Honesty & Integrity with Suppliers, Customers, Associates and Co-workers.
-  Foster a culture where training is an integral part to continually improve the processes.
-  To comply with Statutory & Legal requirements.
- Chief Operating Officer

Sigma Instruments Company 27, Nahur Udyog Industrial Premises, M.M.Malviya Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai – 400080. INDIA.
Tel.: +91 22 4014 6430 | sales@sigmainstruments.co.in, sigmainst@gmail.com